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Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession concerned with human function and movement and maximising potential.  Physiotherapy improves health via health promotion, preventative healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation.


On your first visit an intital assessment is conducted which involves taking a full medical history and a thorough physical examination which will involve you either undressing or wearing appropriate clothing so that the affected part of your body is visible.  Therefore, a pair of shorts and vest top may be required to examine low back,hip, knee or shoulder problems.  You are more than welcome to bring along a family member or friend to act as a chaperone.

The physical examination involves testing various structures such as joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and nerves, to locate the exact source of your symptoms.  Several areas of the body may need to be examined as the cause of your symptoms may not necessarily be where you feel your pain .  For example, if you have pain in your arm, it is essential that your neck, shoulder and elbow are examined to locate the exact cause of your symptoms. 

At the end of the initial assessment, a diagnosis of your symptoms will be made, and a plan of appropriate treatment presented to you with an estimate of how many appointments may be required.  Your diagnosis will be explained fully to you using models and diagrams and you will be able to ask as many questions as you need to understand your problem.

If appropriate, some treatment will be conducted on your first visit to begin your recovery.  A programme of treatment is then discussed with you and may include Soft Tissue techniques, Joint Mobilisation and/or Manipulation, Electrotherapy, Medical Acupuncture along with a tailored programme of exercises and Postural and Ergonomic advice.  Your GP can be informed of any treatment that is conducted and may be contacted if your problem requires further investigation (such as an MRI Scan, X-Ray or blood test) or alternative treatment is recommended (such as a steroid injection or referral to a specialist Consultant).


Physiotherapy is appropriate in the treatment of many problems arising from the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, spinal discs and nerves of the body.  Problems such as:- Low back pain and Sciatica, Neck Pain and Whiplash injuries, Shoulder Pain (including Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Dislocations), Tennis and Golfers' Elbow, Sports injuries (including ligament and muscle strains etc.),Arthritis - Osteo and Rheumatoid, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Tendonitis/Tenosynovitis and RSI, Headaches, Fracture Rehabilitation, Surgical Rehabilitation eg Hip and Knee Replacements, Spinal Surgery etc.



Initial appointment is 30 minutes to an hour depending on your condition.   Subsequent appointments will be 30 minutes.



Caroline is a State Registered, Chartered Physiotherapist. She graduated in 1999. She has worked extensively in the NHS and Private Parctice.  She com pleted her Masters in physiotherapy in 2005 and worked for a number of years in a busy multidisciplinary team with Musculoskeletal neurological Rehab. She has worked in various hospitals, including Whittington NHS Hospital in London, QEH in Stoke on Trent and NNUH in Norwich.  She has been working at All Hallows Hospital, nr Bungay since 2010 and has special skills in Acupuncture, Spinal Manipulation, Mobilizations, whiplash and sports injuries butis happy to assess any condition.

Amundhan is a State Registered and Chartered Physiotherapist who graduated in 1999. He has completed a MSc in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam university and is currently working in the NHS at a senior level. He has a number of years experience of working  with Musculoskeletal, Neurological problems and Elderly Persons rehabilitation.  His varied experience and expertise allows him to utilize a variety of different methods to reduce pain and regain function.  He successfully treats a wide range of injuries to longer term problems.



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